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Create Your Own Sticker Message

We are discontinuing the free sticker software at the end of December as Adobe is discontinuing support for Flash. If you have templates stored in this system that you wish to use in the future, please load the template and generate a PDF file to save for future printing. If you need help using the Word template for sticker design creation, please email for assistance.
You can log in from this page using the instructions below. If you're already logged in, select the "Create New Sticker" tab above to get started.

If this is your first visit to the sticker design softwware, please read below to learn about the different user options.

If you want to save your sticker content, edit previously made stickers or store pictures in a private account, create a new account with a private username and password to access this software or login under your own previously created user account.

If you want to use the sticker design software without registering, sign in using the login below to access our public user account:

Username: openuser
Password: openuser

While you can save and reload stickers from the open user account just like a private account, pictures and sticker content will be deleted on a regular basis from this open account. Register for your own free private account to save your sticker content and pictures overtime.

Each My Removable Stickers package contains 25 sheets with 12 (2.5" x 2.5") stickers per sheet = 300 stickers per package.  We offer 6 vibrant border choices - red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.

Start shopping for your removable stickers.

Quantity discounts are available when 5 or more sticker packages (of any color combination) are ordered at the same time.

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